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Our Services

We provide Escondido tree services to a variety of customers, including: Home Owner Associations (HOAs), City Parks and Governments, Multi-family Residences, Schools, Malls, Churches, Business Parks and Office Buildings, Mobile Home Parks, RV Parks, Hotels, and Golf Courses!

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Improve the health of your land and trees, all while creating an esthetically pleasing landscape

Not enough sunlight? Maybe a storm liability? Our tree removal may be just what you need.

Emergency Tree Services

Strong storms and wind can bring about unexpected emergencies. Call us today!

Storm Damage

Trees and shrubbery damaged during the last storm? Our tree services can help.

Dry brush or other liabilities on your property? Work with us to best prevent future fire damage.

Land Clearing

Need professional help clearing your land for the next project? Escondido tree service can help.

Palm Tree Care

Southern California graces us with the perfect palm tree climate. Maintain with us.

Tree Maintenance

Our arborists maintain your property. Recapture the beautiful image of your property.

Crown Reduction

Has your tree overgrown its location? Trim your tree back to the growth point.