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Did you know there are more than three trillion trees in the world!? We love trees, they photosynthesize and produce oxygen for us to breathe, even! But if you have one that is not serving you and your property, you may need to call for tree removal services.

So you may be asking… How does tree removal work? What remains after a tree is removed? And what do you need to do before the day of removal?

So, let’s see what you can expect from your tree removal service in north county.

What to Expect During Tree Removal

What to expect from a tree removal service will depend on a number of factors.

First, the size of your tree is a strong consideration of what is required on day of removal. Second, the location of the tree relative to streets, houses, and other important structures is a critical aspect of tree removal. It will be easier to remove a tree far from power lines and houses than nearby.

But in general tree removals will follow similar processes.

What Does It Cost To Remove a Tree?

Like the above, cost is dependent on size and difficulty of removal.

Roughly, a small tree could cost a few hundreds of dollars, while a large tree close to your house could cost more than a thousand dollars to be removed. Usually, there is an additional charge for managing the stump after the tree is cut down, either complete stump removal or flattening of the stump.

It always worth consulting with your tree removal service to get an idea of the costs in your specific case.

The Two Methods of Tree Removal

For the easy tree removal, the tree can be cut once from the direction it needs to fall. Then it is later cut up into smaller pieces for removal from your property.

If tree removal is more precarious, like being close to buildings or power lines, then more advanced measures must be implemented. Often, branches are cut off individually from the top down. The branches and the tree are often secured with tension ropes to direct the direction they fall, preventing property damage.

What Remains after the Trees are Removed?

Tree removal typically results in a low stump left on the property. You can opt to remove the stump or ground down so that it is no longer visible, for an additional charge (significant labor). The branches can be cut up and used as fuel or removed depending on your preferences.

What you can do to prepare for tree removal services

This is not labor intensive, but can make the job of the tree removal service much easier. Preparing your property allows the most efficient, safest tree removal.

Make Space for the Vehicles

Please plan for a lot of tree removal equipment to be parked on your property. Your tree removal service will park a large truck and likely a wood chipper close by. The closer they can park to your property, the smoother the service can remove your tree.

You may want to plan this in advance, so there may be adequate parking for the tree service.

Clear Access to the Tree – Make Tree Removal Easy

Please clear a path so the workers can make multiple trips back and forth, from their vehicles to the tree. Please reduce your risk of property damage by arranging your cars and property such that the workers do not need to carry large, heavy equipment and tree segments. You may want to prepare alternative access to your yard, and inform your neighbors of the event well in advance.

Move Fragile Items Away from the Tree

Please arrange furniture, pots, and other property away from the tree so that branch removal can be a smooth process for your tree removal service. If the tree service needs to remove the items, additional time may be counted as an additional charge against your bill. Plan to keep any pets or animals away from the workers, as they serve as an additional liability and are at risk of being hurt.

Have an on-site tree removal consultation

Allow your tree removal service to inspect the site, so that you can consult with them for the services you desire. You should plan stump removal in advance, as additional equipment is required. If you decide to remove the stump after the tree has fallen, your tree service may need to schedule an additional visit, incurring an even greater charge compared to planning the stump removal in the first place. Take the time during the consultation to become fully informed of your options so you can make the right choice for your tree removal.

Are You Looking for a Professional Tree Removal Service?

Well, then you’re in the right place! We offer a wide range of tree services, from tree pruning and trimming, management of palm trees and fire prevention, to tree transplantation and removal. We have years of experience and employ only professional certified technicians. This way, you can be sure that your property is in safe, reliable hands.

If you would like to know more or plan to schedule a consultation, then don’t hesitate to get in touch